Company Introduction

CREDO has been preparing an innovative era in healthcare field
with confidence that everyone can be a hero and can change the world.

As a first product out of the belief,
we are confident that CPR BAND would have great potential on helping save lives
in the event of cardiac arrest.
Furthermore, CPR BAND is expected to increase its survival rate innovatively.
These days, there is a brilliant result accomplished
in the field of diagnosis and treatment.
However, caring with emergencies is not much better than that of decades ago.

We, CREDO would suggest solutions in response to the problem.
We would love to stay in touch with our customers and welcome any kind of feedback.


  • 2015. 06

    Completion of a patent application

  • 2015. 09

    Foundation of CREDO corporation

  • 2016. 02

    Patent registered

  • 2016. 09

    Development of CPR BAND complete

  • 2017. 04

    Chinese patent applicated

  • 2017. 12

    European and US patent applicated
    Korean, European, US, and Chinese trademark applicated as CPR BAND

  • 2018. 01

    KC, CE, FCC approved (CPR BAND for Training)

  • 2018.08

    Exports to the U.S. and Australia

  • 2018.11

    Exports to Europe

  • 2019.06

    Additional Patent Registration

Our Team


Jong Kuk, Choi

Jong Kuk, Choi



Seung Mun, Ham

Seung Mun, Ham



Ji Hyo, Wang

Ji Hyo, Wang



Dong Joon, Lee

Dong Joon, Lee